Who we are

The afghan masses have immensely suffered from the two decades of turmoil and strife that took everything from them. The general situation in the afghan society and growing challenges within the country necessitated all support to the affected population by the companies to help heal their wounds.

Flaring up of hostilities in Afghanistan gave rise to a massive displacement of afghans from one place to another and their mass influx to the Asian and European countries necessitated immediate help to return which came back to our country especially those people are living in poverty situation inside Afghanistan.

To stretch a helping hand towards the effected afghan nation and to deliver timely aid to the needy, Marco polo Hindukush construction Logistic company (M.H.C.L.C) came into being along with other construction companies in (2002) in Afghanistan.

At the outset (M.H.C.L.C) sought ways and means to single out the immediate requirements of the needy afghan inside Afghanistan and to delver the required assistance to needy with the active support if the respective donors.(M.H.C.C)also had an active part in assisting afghans in the inside if Afghanistan like creating accessibility situation to work and employing them to several projects to keep them out of poverty.

Afghanistan, a country at war and in conflict for the last two decades still suffers from direct and indirect damage in both the social and economic aspects of life.

The loss of physical infrastructure has been extensive yet remains less a Concern in terms of its rehabilitation, than the loss of human resources Owing to the mass migration of intellectuals and professionals from the Country. This loss has been so drastic and significant that long-term efforts to gain at least the pre-conflict’s potential in terms of professional human resources are needed. With a very limited number of professionally educated Afghans the burden of rehabilitation of this war-torn country in constrained to the commitment of the international community and small organizations set-up by educated Afghan nationals who need support.

Hence, to fulfill our responsibility as educated professionals of this country this organization was established and registered with the Islamic transitional Govt. of Afghanistan and AISA by a team of engineers each having specialties in Civil Engineering. This team has relevant practical field experience working with NGOs, INGOs and UN designing and implementing reconstruction projects in all of Afghanistan- from the western Region to the Eastern provinces, from the northern districts to the southern frontier. Therefore, Marcopolo Hendukush Construction Logistic Company is pleased to serve Afghanistan and your esteemed organization.

We are confident that with our competent team of professionals and modern equipment to implement broadly based reconstruction projects, this company with soon prove itself as an effective and potential partner in helping to achieve common humanitarian and infrastructure objectives in Afghanistan.