Our Beliefs

Every organization maintains a belief system that should be grounded in the people within the organization, MHCLC maintains the following beliefs

  1. To implement programs and projects which improve life conditions through the provision of  basic services in primary health care, education, social services, transport, water supply, sanitation.irrigation systems and agriculture growth.
  2. To provide job opportunities for the skilled and unskilled labor force of our fellow citizens.
  3. To improve skill development and job security for the educated and uneducated Afghan around the country.
  4. To improve the private income of the peoples who are direct and indirect beneficiaries of company operations.
  5. To improve the capacity of the company staff through relevant management training and experience in different projects.
  6. To implement broadly-broadly- based reconstruction projects, especially targeting the transportation sector. Water sector and building sector.
  7. To demonstrate that Afghan people have the potential and ability to rehabilitate their country efficiently and achieve self-sufficiency in the construction of Afghanistan, as well as to expand into the international arena within the construction industry.