Our Vision

The Board of Directors of MHCLC collectively possess over 53 year of experience in the construction industry in Afghanistan. Their deep belief is that self-reliance is achieved through development & improvement must serve as the underlying theme of all its
corporate endurance .In this matter MHCLC is much more that a construction business, embracing the essence of Afghan society Pride in country and community strong core cultural beliefs endurance and ingenuity.

“The realization of MHCLC as a respected leader in Afghanistan, representing the best of the private sector in terms of innovation and creativity, the best in philanthropy in terms of giving back of Afghan society and the best in human development in terms of advancing the right of individual afghan lean, prosper and succeed.”

MHCLC core organization values are:

  1.  Personal and corporate conduct that is beyond reproach.
  2.  A Strong work ethic supported by continual learning.
  3.  The creation of value in people, business and society.
  4.  Leadership by example.